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These pictures were taken by Marion and Will Smith on Kodachrome slides from 1948 to 1952, scanned and touched up with Photoshop. Will and Mary Smith designed the manor house at Robin Hill and had the drawings done by a professional architect in Rochester. It took them five years to quarry and cut the stone and build the house, mostly with local help from the Lyndonville Canning Factory staff. The windows were glazed and the chimneys done by professional masons. Will, George and Marion did the rest. They set old mill wheels that they found in the woods in the various porch floors. George did most of the stone work and laid out and build the arches on the North Porch. He did all of the interior finish wood and cabinetry in his workshop over the garage.

Preparing the site

Setting the foundation


Will and George Smith

Setting the beam

At the quarry with the slab that will become the south porch

Marion and George Smith

Quarrying Medina Sandstone

Forms for the North Porch arches